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We accept instruction from Solicitors, Corporates, Insurers, Lloyds Underwriters and Government Agencies, but not from litigants in person.

We specialise in the handling of claims founded upon expertise in insurance law and practice, accountancy, finance, business acumen and analytical ability.

The accumulation over many years of practical experience provides clear benefits to our clients. We are well equipped to advise on assessment of quantum issues which should now be addressed at an early stage under the Civil Procedure Rules.

The firm specialises in establishing the facts and truth behind issues and their resolution as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Forensicus prepares reports to the highest standard and the Principal Mr Clive Haslock may act as expert witness.

Our concise reports can be relied upon to be fully informative and factually accurate and our advice of the highest standard, all the hallmarks of our service.


The Lutine Bell

The Lutine Bell
Lloyds of London